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Logo Reproduction

If your company or organization has a logo, we suggest using it on your awards. Not only does it make your awards unique, but it also helps people (not just the recipient) identify with your company's image. It also gives your award an "official" look. Here's a couple of methods we recommend for reproducing your logo on awards:
  1. Digitizing and Engraving. For a 1-time fee, we'll set up (digitize) your logo for engraving on our computer engraving equipment. After that, we can engrave your logo just about any size, on any award. This is the best way to go if you anticipate ordering a variety of awards or gifts. Price for digitizing and engraving varies with complexity of the logo. An average logo runs about $50.00 to set up, and about $5.00 to engrave. Certain types of *computer files may be furnished, and might actually help lower the digitizing cost. Inquire about our collection of "Stock" digitized clipart - no set·up charge! Click here for a more technical description and illustration on digitizing.

  2. Sublimation A process of imprinting graphics, in black, onto a brass or light colored plate. Great when you would like to print an image from our extensive clipart library, ordering just one award and want to avoid a potentially expensive digitizing fee, or if you need a couple hundred plates printed with all the same text and/or graphics. Again, if you do have a logo to be reproduced, check acceptable *formats below.

  3. Other Processes We offer many other imprinting processes, yet to be described on our web page. Etching, Silk-Screening, Metal-Photo and Full-Color Sublimation are all possibilities of an attractive imprinting method that may be the best way to produce your award. Please call or e-mail us for pricing and other info. Be sure to return to this page as we continue to update our web site.

*File formats acceptable for computer graphics and or text:

Our art department uses CorelDRAW (12.0) for computerized layout of artwork (Not engraving). If you would like to send a file, we can read CorelDRAW (.CDR), Adobe Illustrator (.AI), Adobe "Portable Document Format" (.PDF) and Encapsulated Postscript (.EPS) formats. (MAC files should work in one of those formats, too.) Be sure all text is converted to curves. This avoids conversion conflicts between your fonts and ours. Hi-res bitmap images will be sufficient in certain situations, only. However, send us what you can and we will do our best to reproduce your logo.

We also request that you fax or mail (click here for contact info) a laser printed hard copy of artwork to confirm what's in the file you send, and in case we have problems reading your file.

Artwork needing clean-up, editing or creation is charged at $40.00 per hour.

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yes, we have patriotic merchandise -- click here!

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