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Engraving Information

Classic Design Awards offers professional engraving on almost all merchandise.  Allow our experts to create designs that best fit your awards and relay a meaningful message to the recipient.  There are several ways you can send us your engraving instructions:

  • Send Engraving Instructions on Order Form:  For your convenience, a text box is located on the order page where you can type out engraving instructions. If you are ordering different styles of awards, be sure to specify what engraving goes on each award.
  • E-Mail Engraving Instructions:  You can e-mail your order and even include a Microsoft Word file, as an attachment, that shows your layout as you would like it to appear on the awards.  (Please fax a hard copy so we're sure to match fonts.)
  • Fax Engraving Instructions:  If you wish to choose any particular fonts, sizes, or other specifics, we ask that you fax a rough sketch to us at (847)470-0857.
  • Have a Logo Engraved:  Your organization's logo can add a nice personal touch to any award or engraveable.  Click here for information on digitized logos.
  • Paper Proofs:  Paper proofs are available, so you can see the exact layout prior to the actual engraving.  The charge for a paper proof is $10.00 for the first, and $5.00 for each additional or change.
  • Braille & ADA Signs:  We now offer engraving of Grade 2 Braille in plastic signs for ADA compliance.  (55/letter - $5.00 minimum per sign)  Contact us for a quote on your project and be sure to visit our ADA Signage page.


Except for plates on Sport Trophies, engraving is charged by the letter, with the average price around 20¢ per letter.  Engraving on cylindrical or larger merchandise, such as Revere Bowls, Pewter Mugs and Silver Trays, is more - ranging from 30 to 95 per letter.  Please call or e-mail us with the exact item(s) you need engraved, and we'll get you an exact quote.

We also engrave on merchandise purchased elsewhere, although we hope you'll give us a chance to quote on any special items you're looking for.  Here's a few items we've engraved:  Watches, Keychains, Pens, Frames, Clocks, Mugs, Medallions, Trays, Bowls, Wedding Cake Knives, Lighters, Flashlights, Bells, Whistles, Acrylic, Widgets, Henways, and Much More!

yes, we have patriotic merchandise -- click here!

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yes, we have patriotic merchandise -- click here!

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