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Trophy Options & Upgrades


Classic Design Awards offers professional engraving on all trophies. Pricing is as follows:

  • For all trophies that begin with "TM:", engraving is $1.00 per trophy.(3 lines - 35 letters max.)
  • For all others, including certain cup trophies and team trophies, pricing is 20 per letter.

There are several ways you can send us your engraving instructions:

  • For your convenience, a text box is located on the order page where you can type out engraving instructions. If you are ordering different styles of awards, be sure to specify what engraving goes on each award.
  • You can e-mail your order and even include a Microsoft Word file, as an attachment, that shows your layout as you would like it to appear on the awards.
  • If you wish to choose any particular fonts, sizes, or other specifics, we ask that you fax a rough sketch to us at (847)470-0857.

Click Here to view engraving fonts. (90KB)


Figures are interchangeable!  We can put just about any figure on any trophy, provided the figure does not make the trophy too "top heavy".  All trophies that begin with "TM:" include a 5X (5" metal) figure in the pricing or a plastic figure (from our "Plastic Figures" page) up to price level "R".  These 5X figures are available for most popular sports and just about all are shown somewhere on a trophy in the "Classic Profiles" or "Team Champs" pages.  A list is provided here for your reference:

 5x Male Victory Figure
5X Male Victory

Male Figures Female Figures

 5x Female Supreme Figure
5X Female Supreme

 Victory Supreme
Baseball Softball
Basketball (Center) Basketball (Center)
Bowler Bowler
Golfer Golfer
Soccer Soccer
Sprinter Sprinter
Swimmer Swimmer
Tennis Tennis
Volleyball Volleyball
Football Cheerleader
Ice Hockey  

There are hundreds of other figures available, some at additional cost.  Some are metal, some are plastic. Be sure to specify figure(s) when ordering! (in the description area or text box of the Order Form) .  If you specify a figure not listed here, we will advise you of additional charges, if any.

Trim Figures

Examples of trophies with a trim figure.

Some trophies use trim figures.  If you do not specify trim figure(s), we will use "Modern Eagle" trim. (shown at right)  Alternatives include:  "Place" (1st-3rd) and Year ("20" & "07" or "2007").  Other trim available with an upcharge: "MVP", "Most Improved", "Hi Avg.", Bowling "Cross Pins on Ball", "All Star", and an assortment of other sport specific trim (i.e. Hockey Skate, Tennis Racquets, Football, etc.)

Modern Eagle Trim Figure

Trophy Columns

Trophy Column Colors Any trophy that uses a column can be made with one of our standard colors. Our standard column colors are GREEN, BLACK, RED,  PURPLE, and BLUE .  Other columns are available on orders of 20 or more trophies, and delivery is about 2 weeks.

Crowns & Cups

Trophies with cup and crown added.

Add a crown or cup to any trophy. 

Cups and Crowns

Crown 2" $2.50
"A" Cup 9" $8.00
"B" Cup 7" $6.50
"C" Cup 6" $3.00
"D" Cup 4" $2.50
"E" Cup 3" $2.00

PENNANT INSERTS... The PDU line of Pennant Risers is designed in all major sports including Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Cheerleader, Football, Ice Hockey, and Soccer. These risers include a specially designed area for a Pennant Mylar. The Pennant Mylars offered include 1st through 4th Place, MVP, All Star and Year Dates. The Mylars are offered with either USA or Gold background as shown below.  USA PENNANTS: (100-E); GOLD PENNANTS: (100-D)  1" x 2-1/2"

19800-G (1ST)         19801-G (2ND)         19802-G (3RD       19803-G (4TH)                  19700-G (1ST)            19701-G (2ND)          19702-G (3RD)        19703-G (4TH)

19804-G (MVP)      19805-G (ALL STAR)     19704-G (MVP)    19705-G (ALL STAR)

7" (50-U)
6" (100-Q)

yes, we have patriotic merchandise -- click here!

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yes, we have patriotic merchandise -- click here!

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